How Data Analytics is Shaping Responsible Gambling Initiatives

How Data Analytics is Shaping Responsible Gambling Initiatives

Gambling online is on the rise and it is predicted to continue to grow as the industry grows. In order to assess the trends, Applause recently hosted a webcast with two industry experts who shared their thoughts!

Mobile gaming is continuing to take over the market, by offering tablets and smartphones gamers accessibility and ease of use. Gamification is also giving players an advantage in their efforts to improve client loyalty by implementing strategies such as real-time analytics, competitiveness with buddies and rewards.

Mobile Gaming Dominance

The industry is growing and does not slow down. It accounts for 57% of global gaming revenue, and it’s growing rapidly as mobile devices achieve technical parity with consoles and PCs.

New gaming technology and immersive experiences like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) – transform the landscape of gaming. The new technologies provide an entirely new level of immersiveness as well as interactivity. They also bring together the interests of game developers and players.

Additionally, the number gamers has grown and their audience is growing. People use gaming as a form of entertainment, social interaction in stress reduction, or even to enhance their education. Gaming is growing and evolving each and every year.

Live Casino Gaming

People from all over the world can enjoy online casino games, which are exciting and lucrative. The growth and expansion of the sector is attributed to many factors such as increased accessibility of cutting edge technologies as well as the growing popularity of eSports gambling.

This figure shows the increasing popularity of online poker. It also indicates that a growing number of people choose to gamble online to spend their leisure time, and this trend is likely to persist over the coming years.

Live dealer casino games are ideal option for people who wish to have the experience of playing in a real-life casino without having to go away from home. These games are streamed through professionally-run studios. They are operated by skilled dealers who go through rigorous training to ensure the best playing experience. Casinos offer a variety of game choices and betting limitations to enable all players to enjoy the thrill.

Bitcoin as well as pq88 Blockchain Esports Betting

The COVID-19 outbreak was coming to an end and more players were now able to gamble on the internet. The other factors that contributed to growing the market include technological developments, greater accessibility to broadband networks with high speeds and data plans that are affordable.

The increasing popularity of cryptocurrency is also likely to have an enormous effect on the future of gaming online. Cryptocurrency payment options offers gamers a variety of advantages that include transparency and reduced banking fees.

In this case, for instance, gamers can place bets on games of esports like League of Legends using Bitcoin. You can minimize losses and maximize profit by employing effective risk management strategies. The link between cryptocurrency gambling as well as eSports is creating an exciting system that can benefit both gamers as well as crypto players. This convergence is also driving the development of virtual item trading.

Responsible gambling and player protection

The majority of companies within the online sportsbook and casino sector place an enormous emphasis on the concept of responsible gambling. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons for the business’s growth because it allows players to remain in charge of their gambling.

Gamstop and data analytics can help the UK adopt a more responsible attitude toward gambling. It is being considered to introduce a mandatory tax on gambling businesses to fund addiction treatment. This could push standards up even more.

Numerous companies have invested a lot of money on personalizing gaming including behavioural analyses, in order to ensure that the gamblers within their control and prevent them from spiralling out of control. GamAnalytics can be a good example. is a solution provided by BizAcuity that monitors the behaviour of users to detect any early indicators of problems with gaming. It also employs predictive models in order to warn operators of problems. It provides a variety of tools to allow users to have control over their gambling, such as withdrawal limits, timeouts and even account closing.

  • February 27, 2024