Introduction to Crystaltec

Introduction to Crystaltec

Crystaltec, or Cristaltec as it is sometimes spelled, is an interesting casino company. It has a range of different business avenues: as well as offering immersive gaming content thatit creates and sells, it also offers some physical items such as cabinets and PC boards for the gaming sector.

The company focuses ona number of different markets, including Spain and Italy. However, it also produces content specifically for the online slots market, which is international in nature. On its website, it tends to focus closely on the games it has released for the Italian and Spanish markets – which makes sense, given that these are its core areas of work.

The firm has plenty of partnerships in place, which is a testament to its popularity in the sector. One of these, for example, is Ludus Cristaltec, which is a custom gaming solutions company. It has also got links with Astro, AgenziaDoganee Monopoli, and more.

History of Crystaltec

Crystaltec is different frommany of its competitors in that it effectively straddles the virtual and physical gambling worlds. It began life offering cabinets for gaming machines, which it still does offer, but has since expanded to include games.

It has only been more recently that the firm has made the shift towards online gaming content, which makes sense given the large explosion in demand for this sort of content in recent times. It now offers game provision and development services, and it also helps companies thatwant to host games through its game server infrastructure.

Crystaltec Top Games

It’s well worth having a look at the range of games that this provider offers to the Italian market. One of these is Golden Pot, which is a 65% payout game. The symbols featuredin this game are unusual and hard to predict – they include, for example, images of foxes and cats.

Other games in the 65% payout category thatare on offer with this dynamic provider include Reels of Fortune and Fun Station. The latter game will be recognizable to players who have traveled, as it makes use of the London Underground roundel as part of its main sequence of images – which indicates that the design team at the developeriswilling to think outside of the box when it comes to finding inspiration for graphics.

Turning to the company’s offer to the Spanish market, meanwhile, there’s still plenty to pick from. Those who enjoy games with crime themes will be pleased to see Crooks Plus represented here, which is full of entertaining symbols ranging from bandits and robbers to policemen. Fever is also on offer, which is a party-themed game decked out in bright neon colors to recreate that partying experience.

Crystaltec Notable Awards

It doesn’t appear that Crystaltec has been securing many awards in recent times. However, the level of acknowledgment that it has received by the industry is reflected in the fact that it has a number of partnerships in place with major organizations.

One of these is the company WorldMatch, which paired up with Crystalteclast year. The partnership saw WorldMatch move some of Crystaltec’sgames over into the online slot gaming world and offer them around the world on what is understood to have been an exclusive basis.

Crystaltec Summary

Crystaltecis an unusual firm in that it has expanded from a specific physical product niche basis into a company that has both thriving online and real-world offers, as well as a mixture of game and non-game products.

The company has also built a strong base of partnerships with organizations in its native Italy. And its games are also of high quality, with the firm offering choices such asGolden Pot and Reels of Fortune.

If it continues its current trajectory, then it may well end up focusing more on online gaming rather than its traditional offer of gaming cabinets. However, there’s no way of knowing what the firm’s plans is, and it will take some time before itsfuture strategy becomes clear.

  • November 23, 2022